About Us

Smiley Om was founded by Greg Clarke and Diana Lam in Ottawa, Canada.

Smiley Om believes in creating a strong acroyoga community through laughter, connection, sharing and play.  We welcome all beginners to come play! We teach classes and workshops on Acroyoga and also perform as an acrobatic duo. We play around the city of Ottawa and are known by our colourful and matching outfits. 

Greg is one of the most playful acroyogis you'll ever meet!  He's been hooked since his first acroyoga experience in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. Inflexibility didn't stop his zest for play; acroyoga actually led him to yoga.  When not wearing his super colourful acro tights, Greg works at Shopify. He likes to experiment with combining his passion for technology and acro by creating sites like acroyoga.training & AcroyogaOttawa.com. Greg completed his acroyoga teacher training with Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg in Montreal, Quebec and has also completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Upward Dog Yoga Centre.

Diana started her acroyoga journey at a workshop taught by Justine Hoang & assisted by Greg in Ottawa in early 2013. She came to acroyoga with no movement back ground but after her initial exposure she immediately began a regular practice. With care, smiles, & practice she has become a graceful flyer, solid base, attentive spotter, and mindful teacher. Diana completed her acroyoga teacher training with Josh Young, Aaron Lind, & others at Acro Revolution in June 2014.  She also has completed her Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 with Lotus Palm.

Greg and Diana feel lucky to play within a wonderful community of Acroyogis in Ottawa, Ontario.  They have been greatly influenced by different acroyoga styles around the world - AcroRevolution, Acroyoga Montreal, AcroYoga Inc, & Yoga Slackers have all been huge contributors to their development.  

Namaste, friends!