Psychic Flow

by Diana Lam | March 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

We just posted a new video on Youtube:, and it made me realize that I wanted to share the idea of a Psychic Flow with you.  Greg and I had always verbalized our acro actions from the beginning - this is an important safety tip in acro! - but we got to a point where we felt so in tune with each other that we wanted to try a wordless a.k.a. 'psychic flow'.  The rules started like this:


1) One person initiates the flow in order to stay safe

2) Moving with slow and deliberate motions

3) Verbalizing when it is time to switch the initiator


The first time we tried this was fantastic.  I was the initiator and Greg had to guess what move I was trying to convey through body motion only.  By being completely receptive, he was able to correctly guess about 95% of the moves I was trying to communicate through subtle body weight shifts, pressure and other movements.  

When it was his turn to be the initiator, I felt receptive but also vulnerable.  It was a good learning experience for me, as well as an important trust building moment with my partner!  

Since then, most of our flows have been psychically communicated.  We are able to slip into a certain rhythm and flow from there.  Of course, we only flow with moves that have been practiced until they are consistent.  We use clear verbal communication for any moves we are still mastering.

Trust and communication are key in acro.  By being receptive, you may find you know your partner even better than you may have thought. :)

Keep smiling!

Namaste. :)

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